CAPTIVATED! Fourth-graders in Mrs. Doellefeld’s class were absolutely enthralled this week by guest speaker Joe Duffie, City Council Member and all-round Tukwila advocate. The class recently finished a unit about democracy and citizenship, and students wrote to City Hall to ask questions about local government. Mr. Duffie responded in person, answering the questions and speaking to students about growing up during segregation, the importance of education and voting, how to run for office, how to be involved with the Tukwila Village, and more. When Mrs. Doellefeld thanked her kids for being a respectful audience—even though it can be hard to sit still for half an hour—they replied, “It wasn’t hard at all” … “I wish he could stay the whole day!” … “I could listen to him for an hour!” … “I could listen to him for MORE than an hour!”

Thank you, Mr. Duffie! The tub of licorice was also a great touch!

Excerpts from student thank-you notes:

“Dear Mr. Duffie, I don’t think you remember me but me and my family always go to your house and look at your lights on Christmas…I will like to just say thank you for all your speeches. You are a kind person and give people speeches that inspire them.”

“Dear Mr. Duffie, I really enjoyed your story about education and segregation. I loved the part when you were talking about how you served the army 14 months and when you chose to go to school. Thank you for coming to Thorndyke and we will walk out of the school with education.” (He told a story about how when he was 8 he didn’t like school and wanted to quit. His parents told him he could leave school but that the door only goes one way and if he left he’d have to start making his own living. He decided to stay in school because he didn’t think he was ready to provide for himself at the age of 8)

One student drew a picture of Mr. Duffie with a speech bubble that says, “Go to school and get an EDUCATION!”

(Verbatim) “Dear Mr. Duffie. thank you for visiting thordike thuder birds I had a lot of fun and got to lerd more stuf thank you for evry thing you did for fixing evry ishu I was rialy suprised by your story and I wuld even right about you story it was the best it felt like 1 minet when you wer teching us and see you agin thank you for the licrash loved your speech so intrasting have a good time with your grandkids.”