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Drop-Off/Pick-Up Directions

Image of Thorndyke Elementary Parking Lot Flow For Pick Up

The City of Tukwila, Tukwila School District and Thorndyke Elementary have been working together to tackle the challenges regarding student pick-up and drop-off at Thorndyke. It is extremely important that we follow the procedure outlined so we can keep Thorndyke open.

The Tukwila Police Department has informed school administration that staff can take photos of the license plates of cars parked illegally on 150th Street. Please be aware if you park illegally, we may take a photo of your license plate, send it to the Tukwila Police Department and you may be issued a ticket for illegal parking. If you want to avoid this, please follow cue through the parking lot.

Also, it’s really helpful when parents put the sign with their child’s name and teacher on their dashboard or passenger window when they come to pick kids up.This way the staff members who work in the horseshoe shuttling students to cars can see which student(s) to shuttle more quickly. 

In order to reduce the pick-up wait time, we encourage anyone who is within walking distance to walk to drop off and pick up their child(ren). Also, I will be working with the PTA to encourage WALKING SCHOOL BUSSES. These are very effective as neighboring parents can share the responsibility in getting students to and from school. Walking and being out in the fresh air is also a healthy choice! 

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Directions (Multilingual)

First page of the PDF file: PickUpDropOffalllanguages